• 5000ft range!
  • 2 transmitters:
    • 1-way  four button remote
    • keyless entry
    • Start engine / stop engine 
    • heat will turn on to level set prior to leaving vehicle
  • Alarm system:
    • door sensors
    • 2 stage shock sensor
    • 130 db siren
    • starter disable
    • warning flashing LED light
    • flashing parking lights
    • 5000' paging remote
    • Separate buttons for lock & unlock
  • Parking light flash (upon lock & unlock; parking lights on during remote start, and flash when alarm is screaming.)
  • Professional Installation

  • Extra charge applies to vehicles with Push-Button Ignition
  • For Keyless Entry functionality vehicle must be equipped with power locks or power lock actuators must be added at extra cost.
  • For Remote Trunk functionality vehicle must be equipped with power trunk feature (otherwise Remote Trunk Feature cannot be installed)


Do 1&2Way starters indicate that the is engine on?
Yes, our 1-Way remote starters turn on the vehicle’s parking lights to indicate that the vehicle has been remote started.  This means, however, that you must be able to see your vehicle to make this confirmation.  2way remotes confirm remote start and locks on the LCD display of the remote.  2way remotes will also beep if the alarm is triggered.  Vehicle must be with-in specified range.    Paging range will vary depending on location of vehicle.

Is the vehicle safe from theft when remote started?
Our remote starters have several security features built in. If at any time the brake pedal is pressed while the vehicle is remote started the engine immediately shuts off.  Also, when remote started, the doors remain locked.

Can your starters work with Diesel engines?
Absolutely.  Our starters let the glow plug warm up before starting.

How does the remote starter turn on heat?
What ever the heat is set at when you get out of the car will come on when the car starts by remote.

Can your starters work with manual transmissions?
Yes, our manual remote starters simply require that you to leave the vehicle in neutral with the parking brake engaged.  If you don't, the system will ignore the remote start commands.  Manual transmission installations require add’l labour, at extra charge.

Can I have keyless entry if I don’t have power locks?
YES, however, the keyless entry feature will only work if the vehicle is already equipped with power locks.  If the vehicle does not have power locks we can add power lock motors.  (extra charge applicable).

Do you disable factory-installed anti-theft devices?
No.  Our technicians use the latest technology to allow our systems to integrate with factory anti-theft devices (i.e. transponder keys, Passlock, etc.).  You may be required to provide an extra key which will be placed in the bypass module. ( the key will not be returned as it becomes a part of the bypass module).